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Bash Brothers by SilverWolf442
Bash Brothers
Kumo - Land of the buff brother duos. I like the relationship of both sets of brothers. There's the rowdy younger bros  - B and Ginka. And the protective older brothers, who rage should something happen to the younger. 

Ginka and Kinka aren't popular, but the short while they were around I loved them. I'm a sucker for close brother bonds. They may be sadistic, but they's true bros. 

This took a few days to do. Linearts + Colorings. I believe I started on it this past Fri. I went ahead and posted/ But I am probably gonna redo some things where I feel I messed up, So, subject to change-mainly Kinkaku + Ginkaku 
4ever Separated by SilverWolf442
4ever Separated
Though they may not be twins, since they were born a month apart. but still cute, so I leave it.

With Ginkaku sealed inside the gourd, and Kinkaku in the Amber Pot, the legendary Gold/Silver Brothers remain separated, never to see one another again, in life or death.

Kinda sad really, seeing how close they were. Felt bad the sage tools didn't release them with the other Edos.

This took a few hours. I started this previous night, and started on it today after waking up at around 8:00 a.m. Just finished up not too long ago. 
Scared Baby Brother by SilverWolf442
Scared Baby Brother
His brother's name being his most said word. Poor Ginkaku. I feel bad for him here. He looks so pitiful, calling for his big brother. :( (Sad) 

This took around an hour, but a bit over for the mess up, and having the start over.
The messages are spam. If someone is gonna pput a comment on my profile, please have it be something conversation bearing. 

Just simple "Thanks for the fav" is rather annoying. Glad you're happy I liked your work. But no need to thank me for it. 
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