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2 Kokinjous by SilverWolf442
2 Kokinjous
Ginkaku wears the Kokinjou around his neck when it's not being used, as a way to carry the gourd. But of course, when it's time to battle, the rope goes on Kinkaku's arm. 

Here, they both have the rope lol

original screenshots.……
I had to get Ginkaku turned around though so the rope could be seen better.So the line/sketch is basically taken from 2 different places. This took around an hour. 
Stingy Kinkaku by SilverWolf442
Stingy Kinkaku
Sketch by Me.

 I just thought, where they're side-by-side, was funny since Kinkaku is loaded with treasures, 2 of which are offensive, and Ginkaku just has 1. Giggle 

Sadly, him not giving the sword back to Ginkaku left him weaponless when Darui sneak-attacked with his. 

The black thing is the rope on Kin's arm. But I had a problem with that in sketch, so I just cheated and blacked it in lol
The Generals by SilverWolf442
The Generals
Sketch/Line by Me. Done over the course of the past week / 5 days.

Winters, just as casual as ever.l Devilish 
Klaud looking serious but elegant. Nod 
And Cross, who can't take his eyes off her Horny! 
The messages are spam. If someone is gonna pput a comment on my profile, please have it be something conversation bearing. 

Just simple "Thanks for the fav" is rather annoying. Glad you're happy I liked your work. But no need to thank me for it. 
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